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Instagram has grown to be a very popular social media phenomenon, but it lacks some features. Instagram is working hard to roll out new updates to meet user demand as the number of users grows. But before it can give users all the features, it needs to cover a lot more ground. The Aeroinsta APK has been created in this situation to offer Instagram users a number of new and enhanced features.

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Instagram mod, known as Aeroinsta APK, is widely used by social media users. It is a modified version of the official Instagram app that has additional features not present in the original app. A group of independent developers created the Aeroinsta APK. This article will cover the features and downloading process of this APK in detail.

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DeveloperBozkurt Hazarr
Last Update1 Day Ago

What does Aeroinsta APK do?

It is a third-party application that allows users to access Instagram features without going through the official Instagram app. It offers features such as downloading Instagram photos and videos, viewing private profiles, and increasing Instagram followers and likes. Using it might be against Instagram’s terms of service as it is not an official Instagram application.

Features of Instagram APK

There are several outstanding and latest features Aeroinsta APK provides. Some of these are:


Download anything

It allows you to download pictures, videos, reels, IGTV, and stories from Instagram. It is a free-of-cost platform to download anything you want. This feature is not accessible in the original Instagram app. It proves to be beneficial for content creators and bloggers to download pictures and videos for future use. It is a great tool for saving multiple files from Instagram.

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Privacy features

The privacy features of this APK are amazing. With the help of this app, you can view other people’s stories without letting them know. Additionally, you can view other people’s messages without letting them know you did so. You can also hide your typing status, so people do not know in advance that you are sending them some text. This is extremely helpful in sending some risky messages. 

Hide like posts

You can also hide older posts that you liked using this Aeroinsta apk. This is a great way to be invisible to others and still like your favorite person’s posts. There are many posts you want to like but do not because of society’s pressure. Now you can like anything and hide it from the public.

insta pro apk 1insta proo apk

Know who follows you

You can now know if a person follows you or not by using this app. You only have to visit his/her profile and you will know if she/he is following you back or not.

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Copy comments and bios

This app also lets you copy anyone’s comments and bios. This way, you can use several pieces of information for your accounts or any place you want.

Disable collecting data

Instagram collects your personal data, but by using this app, you can stop that. It does not allow your information and browsing history to get carried by Instagram.

translate insta pro apktrnslate insta pro apk

Translate comments

This APK also lets you translate comments into many languages. This way, you can read and reply to the comments, not in your native language. This is extremely helpful in gaining and building followers from all across the world.

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Auto sounds play

You don’t have to tap on video or activate sound; this app does it on its own. This app automatically plays stories and posts sounds. 

Dark modes

Instagram is only offering you one dark mode. But with this app, you can have different dark modes.

  • A deep green.
  • A deep red.
  • A deep blue.
  • A deep white.
  • Gold Dark.

The downside of using Aeroinsta APK

  • Using this APK or any unauthorized application to access Instagram can have serious consequences. It can result in suspending or terminating an Instagram account, as Instagram considers such activities a violation of their community guidelines.
  • Additionally, the use of such applications can compromise the security of Instagram users’ personal information and data.
  • Moreover, unauthorized applications can also pose risks to the security of the device they are downloaded on. 
  • These programs may contain viruses or malware that can endanger the device or steal private data, including passwords and credit card numbers.

Thus, is it advisable to download Aeroinsta APK?

Downloading the APK may carry some risks. These security risks could harm your Instagram account or mobile device if you don’t take the appropriate measures. But it is among the most popular and secure for downloading pictures and videos, having multiple dark themes, translating comments, copying bios, and multiple other features. It has an easy-to-use app and a straightforward process. Therefore, the decision to download Top Follow APK solely rests with the individual. They should download it right away if they can manage the risks.

Downloading Aeroinsta APK

  • Once downloaded, install it by opening it from the downloads.
  • Now enter the details of your Instagram to log in. 


Aeroinsta APK, which offers a number of extra features not found in the original app, is a great substitute for the official Instagram app. You can use this APK to experience Instagram in a new way. To keep up with Instagram’s world pace, you can utilize its numerous features. With this APK, you can now download any pictures, movies, or reels and enjoy Instagram much more.

Users should take precautions when downloading and using third-party apps, and they should only do so from reliable websites. Users should keep the security settings on their devices up to date to prevent security breaches.