Download Igtools APK V1.2 | Increase Followers & Views

Are you looking to gain easy and fast likes, comments, or followers on Instagram? Then Igtools APK has just the right functionalities for you. With easy to use interface and multiple features, it is one of the safest and coolest APKs in the market. Not only it helps you in gaining likes, comments, or followers, but it also provides its services free of cost.

Igtools Apk-theinstaproapk

With increasing users on Instagram, it has become quite a challenge to market your products or services. And for a beginner business or influencer, it is quite difficult to gain likes, comments, or followers in a short time. Today everyone judges your product by the number of your followers and reviews. And with the use of this APK, you can gain positive comments and followers on your Instagram profile in no time. 

This article will help you understand what this APK is and how it can benefit you in your Instagram campaigns. 

Application NameIgtools
CategorySocial Media
Star Rating
VersionLatest Recently Updated
FormatAPK File
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Requires Android5.0 and Up
Cost100% FREE

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What does Igtools APK do?

It is a popular app among Instagram users, especially those who want to increase their followers and likes on the social media platform. This app provides a range of tools that can be used to enhance an Instagram account’s performance, such as increasing the number of likes on posts, boosting engagement rates, and improving the overall user experience.

Features of Igtools APK?

Increase Likes insta pro apkincrease lik insta pro apk

Increase in likes

One of the primary features of this APK is the ability to increase the number of likes on an Instagram post. This feature is useful for those wanting to gain more content exposure and increase engagement rates. With the app, users can select a post they want to receive more likes on and then choose how many likes they want. The app will then deliver the likes to the selected post, helping to increase the post’s visibility and attract more users to the account.

increased likes and comments intsa pro apkincreased likes and commens intsa pro apk

Increase the number of followers

Another useful feature of this APK is the ability to increase the number of followers on an Instagram account. This feature is especially helpful for those who are just starting on the platform and want to build a larger following. The app provides users with tools that can help them gain more followers quickly and easily. These features can help to attract new followers to an account and increase its overall visibility on the platform.


With the help of it, you can gain comments on any of your posts. These comments are positive and of real people. These will help you to capture more people’s interests. When people see positive feedback on your products or services, they will want to buy and avail of those. In this way, this APK will help you expand your market and get you more money.

tol votes insta pro apktool votes insta pro apk

Toll votes

On Instagram, tolls are a new feature, people vote on these tolls, and everyone can see the results. Through this APK, you can get free toll votes. This will assist you in getting favorable results. You can utilize this feature even without logging in to the app. 

stories views insta pro apkstory view insta pro apk

Story views

You can also attain story views by using this APK. A little or a few story views discourage us sometimes. But this APK allows you to have lots of story views as you desire. This a great feature to boost one’s confidence and help you achieve your goals.

reels insta pro apkincreased likes and comments insta pro apk

Friendly interface

Plenty of apps on the market can increase Instagram’s likes, comments, and followers. But it holds an important place because of its easy-to-use interface and friendly model. It is one of the most popular APKs to boost your Instagram profile.

unlimited coins theinstaproapkB002

Coin-free application

This is the most utilized coin-free application. It does not involve lengthy processing of gaining coins and then buying followers, likes, or comments. You can increase your likes, comments, or followers by clicking one button. This saves you the hassle of collecting coins and then redeeming them.

The downside of using Igtools APK

  • Despite its many benefits, it is essential to note that this APK is not an officially endorsed app by Instagram, and using it may violate Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Additionally, using the app excessively or inappropriately can lead to account suspension or even permanent banning. As a result, users should use the app responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines at all times.
  • Additionally, it is only compatible with Android-based devices.
  • Furthermore, it requires your Instagram credentials to log in. It’s not a good idea to give your personal information to a third-party app.
  • Some viruses can enter your system while downloading a third-party app.

How to minimize the above risks?

  • Try to log in with your fake Instagram credentials, so your personal information does not get carried away.
  • Try to be careful in gaining likes, comments, or followers. Gaining too many of them in a single day will permanently ban your Instagram account. 
  • Try to download this APK from a securable and reputable source.

So, should one download the Igtools APK?

Downloading the APK may carry some risks. If you don’t take the proper precautions, these security threats could harm your Instagram account or mobile device. But it is among the most popular and secure tools for gaining likes, comments, and followers. It has an incredibly simple app and a straightforward process. Therefore, the decision to download this APK solely rests with the individual. They should download it right away if they can manage the risks.

Downloading and working of Igtools APK

  • Follow the above link to download Igtools APK.
  • After downloading the APK, launch it from your downloads folder to begin the installation process.

Now how to avail of its features

  • You can use some services without logging in, like tolls votes, story views, and others. To avail of a specific service, find that feature and click on the “go to service button.”
  • You have to log in with your credentials to get likes and followers. Remember to enter your fake Instagram username.
  • To gain likes or followers, go to that service. You will need to log in to the app. Enter your username and password to log in now.
  • You will be redirected to the app’s home page. Now again, click on the go-to service.
  • Now enter the Instagram details where you want the likes or followers.
  • Each time you select the submit option, you will receive 40 likes.


In conclusion, Igtools APK is a useful app for Instagram users who want to increase their followers and likes on the platform. The app provides a range of tools for enhancing an account’s performance, including increasing likes and followers, providing free comments, toll votes, and others. However, users should use the app responsibly and ensure that they are not violating Instagram’s terms of service or putting their account at risk of suspension or banning.