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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share photos and videos with their followers. However, Instagram has some drawbacks, and users frequently look for ways to improve their usage. The Insta thunder APK enters the picture at this point.

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Everyone in the world of Instagram today is searching for new features. However, despite its constant updates, Instagram hasn’t been able to give its users everything they want. You can now access a wide range of features through this APK.

APK NameInstagram Thunder
Current Versionv10
RequirementAndroid v4.1 or Up
Updated Date12 Hours Ago

What is Insta thunder APK

It is a customized version of the original Instagram app that comes with a number of extra features not found in the standard app. You can use these features to have a fresh and enhanced Instagram experience. It is not present on the official google or app store and can only be downloaded from outside websites.

The specific features of this APK will be covered in detail in this article. Moreover, you will understand how to download the app by the article’s conclusion.

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Insta thunder APK’s features include


Instagram video and photo downloads

The capability to download Instagram images and videos is one of APK’s most important features that is also available in instagram Plus. . Unlike the standard app, which prohibits users from directly downloading content. Users of this APK can easily download pictures and videos. People who want to save Instagram content for offline viewing or other uses may find this feature to be especially helpful.

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The capability to see who follows you

The capability to see who follows you is yet another well-liked feature of r APK. This feature is not available in the default Instagram app. You can check whether a specific person is following you or not using this APK. Users who are interested in monitoring their popularity on the platform may find this useful.

Anonymity features

You can view other people’s stories on this app without letting them know. Additionally, you have the option of reading other people’s messages without letting them know. You can also hide your typing activity to stop people from assuming that you are texting them.

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Copy comments and bios

This app allows you to copy the comments and bios of any user. In this way, you can use various pieces of information for your accounts or anywhere else you like.

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Comment translation

The APK also makes it possible for you to communicate and translate comments more effectively. This allows you to read comments made in languages other than your own and respond to them. This is very beneficial for attracting and cultivating a global following.

Cease data gathering

Using this app, you can prevent Instagram from gathering your personal data. It stops Instagram from accessing your browsing history and data.

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Absolutely free

One of APK’s biggest benefits is that using it is totally cost-free. This APK offers all of its features for free, unlike the standard Instagram app, which has a premium version that users must purchase in order to access additional features.

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App lock

It has a built-in app lock. Thus you do not have to seek other applications to secure your Instagram. 

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Upload high-resolution pictures and videos

Its users can freely upload pictures and videos to their Instagram stories. Users have a time limit of 15 seconds for videos and 24 hours for photos in their stories on the standard app. However, users of APK are able to upload videos that are longer and photos that are viewable for as long as they like on their stories. Moreover, you can upload high-resolution pictures and videos through the APK.

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Advertisement blockage

With this APK, you don’t have to see unnecessary and unwanted advertisements. Additional content won’t be permitted on your timeline. You can calmly take pleasure in your Instagram life.

Conditions for downloading Insta thunder APK

  • To download APK, you must enable unknown sources.
  • Android 4.1 or later is required.
  • On your mobile device, there should be 52MB MB of space.

Insta thunder APK download and install

  • The APK can be downloaded from this page by using the following link:
  • Launch it from the downloads after it has been downloaded to install it.
  • Enter your Instagram login information now.

Note: If you haven’t already installed any third-party apps on your phone, take note. Then, from your security settings, enable “unknown sources” first.

Instagram vs Insta thunder APK

FeaturesInstagramInsta thunder APK
Download videos and photosDo not allowAllow
Be anonymous in viewing storiesDo not allowAllow
Block addsDo not allowAllow
Translate commentsDo not allowAllow
Copy comments, biosDo not allowAllow
Cease data gatheringDo not allowAllow
Sharing photos and videosAllowAllow
In-built app lockDo not allowAllow

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the most recent version of the APK by clicking the link in the article. The amazing and updated version of instander APK can be downloaded and set up in just a few minutes.

. It is a safe and dependable application. They are typically used by people who want more features than Instagram offers. It improves user experience and gives users access to features not found on the original Instagram.

Because GB Instagram APK is not an official version of Instagram, as I have already mentioned, it is not accessible through the Google Play store. But due to its extra features, this APK has gained a lot of popularity among its users. It is much more enjoyable to use than the official Instagram app. By using the article’s link, you can download the APK.


In conclusion, Insta thunder APK is a modified version of the well-known social media site that includes a number of extra features not found in the standard app. You can see who follows you, download photos and videos, upload longer videos and photos to stories, and access other features. The app can be downloaded for free from unofficial third-party websites even though it might not be accessible through official app stores. Users should exercise caution when downloading and installing the app from these websites, though, as they might be infected with viruses or malware.