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A customized version of the renowned social media app Instagram is called Insta Ultra APK. It is created by outside developers. It provides additional functions not found in the initial app. It has gained a lot of popularity among Instagram users due to its unique features that enhance the user experience. 

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APK NameInstaUltra
Current Versionv0.9.7.25A
RequirementAndroid v4.1 or Up
Updated Date20 Hours Ago

What is Insta Ultra APK?

It is a modified version of the main Instagram app that includes a number of additional features. These features can help you have a new and improved Instagram experience. It can only be downloaded from unofficial websites and is unavailable on the official Google Play or App Store.

The specific features of this APK are covered in great detail in this article. By the end of the piece, you will also understand how to download the app.

Features of Insta Ultra APK


Download anything from Instagram

The ability to download videos, pictures, and stories is one of this APK’s key advantages. Instagram does not provide an official option to download content directly from the app. With this APK, users can download any Instagram content without using third-party apps. For those who want to share their favorite posts with others or save them for later use, this feature is helpful.

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Insights on the profile

Another useful feature of this APK is its insight into your profile. Click on the right side of your profile page after opening it. Now choose the insight option and it will display your follower’s age and location for you. This is useful for those who want to learn the covert location of a special someone. The original Instagram app does not provide such services.

Disable read receipts

Another unique feature of this APK is that it allows users to disable the read receipt feature. When someone sends you a direct message on the original Instagram app, they can see whether you have read it or not. With this APK, you can disable this feature, and the sender will not be able to know if you have read their message or not. This feature is beneficial to those who value their privacy and do not want others to know when they have seen their messages.

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QR Code

QR code is a simple bar code, you scan it with your mobile, tablet, or laptop camera and it takes you to the specified online space. It is extremely helpful for people who have an Instagram business. This APK generates the QR code of your profile which you can share with your customers to enhance your reach. On business cards or packaging material, you can embed this code to increase your following.


Bios and captions copy

It also has a feature that allows users to copy comments and captions. In the original Instagram app, users can only copy the post’s URL, not the caption or comments. With this APK, users can copy captions and comments and paste them elsewhere, saving time and effort.

The direct link follows

One of the most significant features of this APK is that it allows users to follow links directly without copying and pasting them into the search engine. In the original Instagram app, the link in the captions can only be directly opened with pasting them into a search engine. 

However, with this APK, users can follow links directly and can save time. This feature is beneficial to those who want to visit different links for personal or professional reasons.

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Blockage of ads

You won’t have to see any pointless or unwanted advertisements with this APK. Your timeline will not be able to display supplementary content. You can enjoy your Instagram life in peace.

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Features of privacy

On this app, you can see other people’s stories without their knowledge. Furthermore, you have the choice of reading other people’s messages privately. You can also hide your typing activity so that people won’t assume you’re texting them.

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Completely cost-free

One of the main advantages of APK is that using it is completely cost-free. You can use it without spending any kind of money.

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Modified Instagram experience

Users can also alter the app’s theme to further personalize their Instagram experience. The app has a number of themes, including one called “dark mode” which is well-liked by users who prefer a darker interface.

Insta Ultra APK Download requirements

  • You must enable unknown sources in order to download APK.
  • It requires Android 4.1 or later.
  • There should be 52MB of space available on your mobile device.

Downloading and installing the Insta Thunder APK requires

  • If you haven’t yet added any third-party apps to your phone. Then, turn on “unknown sources” first in your security settings.
  • Using the following link, you can download the APK from this page:
  • Once it has been downloaded, launch it from the downloads to install it.
  • Now enter your Instagram login details.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the most recent APK by clicking the link in the article. Downloading and setting up the fantastic and updated version of Instagram only takes a few minutes.

 The application is reliable and safe. People who want more features than Instagram provides frequently use them. Users enjoy an enhanced user experience and have access to features not available on the original Instagram.

Yes, the Insta Ultra APK is completely cost-free. Now you can enjoy more advanced and amazing Instagram features without having the tension of paying up in front.

 As I’ve already mentioned, this APK is not available through the Google Play store because it is not an official version of Instagram. But this APK has become very popular among its users as a result of its extra features. It is a lot more enjoyable to use than the official Instagram app, in comparison. By clicking the link in the article, you can download the APK.


In conclusion, as a modified version of the original Instagram app, Insta Ultra APK provides users with special features that are not present in the official app. Insta Ultra APK lets users download videos, images, and stories, disable the read receipt feature, copy captions and comments, and follow links directly. These features are beneficial to those who value their privacy, want to save time and effort, or need to follow links without additional copy and paste. So, Insta Ultra APK is a great choice for Instagram users who want to improve their user experience because of this.