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Are you craving extra excitement on Instagram? Then you have found the right mod. Instander has added great functionalities to the previous features of Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used platforms for communication, as we are all aware. It is used to stay in touch with friends and share about your special moments. Moreover, you can also grow a public page on Instagram to get millions of followers and brand offers from different companies with instander apk. Instagram is also used to maintain and grow online businesses.

Instander apk- theinstaproapk

Daily users of Instagram are growing day by day. And to maintain a business profile and grow your page is becoming difficult on Instagram because of the vast competition. But it will ease your path and helps you maintain a great online presence on Instagram.

What Instander APK do?

This APK is a third-party modification of the popular social media application Instagram. It provides extra features and personalization choices not found in the original Instagram app. It is a user-friendly interface offering many amazing features. I loved this Instamod and hope it will also work best for you. Its completely innovative features helped me a lot in maintaining my social media profile.

With this, you can download Instagram photos and videos in high quality. Furthermore, you can hide your presence from others in a ghost mood provided in instander apk. With endless fun activities, it is free to use. You can enjoy many additional features by downloading and installing it from this website. In this article, we will discuss the features of this APK and how to download and install it.

What is Instander Apk offering?

It offers many more advanced and additional features than the old Instagram. All of these features are extraordinary, and developers have done a fantastic job providing users with multiple features without any charges. Discussed below are some of the fantastic features of Instander APK.

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upload picture insta pro apkupload image insta pro apk

Upload high-quality pictures and videos

You cannot download other people’s photos or videos using Instagram. However, now you can download any images or videos you see on Instagram with the aid of this APK. This is a great feature; you can save pictures and videos for information and personal use. You can download Instagram’s reels, stories, and posts of anyone through it.  
For content creators, this serves as a great functionality as they can save other people’s content to get inspiration and create something extraordinary. 

Restricted message insta pro apkRestricted msg insta pro apk

Restricted message replies

On the original Instagram app, you won’t be able to restrict people from sending you messages. However, with its assistance, you can restrict the annoying people who message you. This feature helps you have a tension-free and amazing time on Instagram. You can restrict anyone, and they won’t be notified. So enjoy this fantastic feature by just downloading instander apk. 

Download photos and videos

One of the most notable features of this APK is the ability to download and save photos and videos from Instagram. The preliminary Instagram app does not offer this feature and is a popular reason for users to switch to this APK. Users can also download Instagram stories, IGTV videos, and live streams. The ability to save one’s own content for later use is especially helpful for content producers.

I have done extensive research on downloading photos and videos from Instagram. But the third-party app that allows this external feature of downloading photos and videos is filled with ads. But now, with instander apk, I can download any photos and videos from Instagram without seeing ads and filling up my storage with useless applications. By clicking on the download button present on photos and videos, you can easily save them on your phone for later use.

ad-free experience- no ads- instapro- theinstaproapk.comad-free experience- no ads- instapro 2-

Hiding sponsored posts and ads

Instagram shows you multiple ads and sponsored content which can disturb your scrolling and make your mood sour. But with this, you won’t be facing this problem. You can enjoy quality photos and videos without seeing any sponsored posts. This great feature makes it more beneficial and user-friendly than the original Instagram.

13330102 21 02 Data security 2Privacy seetins insta pro apk

Privacy Settings

You can turn off the analytics report in privacy settings. By turning this off, the app won’t be able to collect reports of your presence and activity on your Instagram feed. While you can also turn this on if you want the app to analyze your feed presence all day long. 

Reading and writing messages without letting anyone know

Another significant feature of this APK is the ability to disable read receipts. Notifications known as read receipts let the sender know when their message has been read. This feature may raise privacy concerns for users who don’t want others to know when they have read their messages. Disabling read receipts allows users to read their messages without notifying the sender.

Moreover, you can also read other people’s messages without letting them know. There are certain people in our profile whom we want to ignore but can’t do that because they continually tease us by sending messages. But with this, you can read their messages without getting notified by them. They won’t be able to tell whether or not you have read their messages. With this, you won’t be required to reply to them and can enjoy your Instagram without anyone disturbing you.

same features insta pro apkSam features insta pro apk

Other features

Other features of this APK include customizing the app theme, seeing stories in full screen, in-app browser, auto-following links, like posts hiding, disabling auto-play videos, and cropping your stories before posting. These features can be turned on or off as you, please. With the help of these features, users can personalize and better cater their Instagram experience to their preferences.

feed back insta pro apk 1feedback or crash reports insta pro apk 1

Feedbacks or crash reports

It allows you to send them feedbacks and crash reports to help you improve their features. This is also an additional feature not available on the original Instagram. This feature gives a user-friendly experience, and you will be satisfied with Instander APK.

Restricted sharing

Instagram allows others to share your posts, whether photos, videos, or reels. But sometimes, you don’t want extra people to share your posts, but Instagram does not have any policy to provide you with that. But with this app, you can restrict specific posts so other people won’t be able to repost them on their profiles. 

Even if you are an influencer or a public figure, people sharing your content all over social media can disturb you. But it gives you the option of only allowing sharing of posts you want to. This is a great feature, and you can share your personal content without having the tension of spreading it all over social media.

hide online status insta pro apkPrivacy seetins insta pro apk 1

Safe platform

It offers many additional features and customization options with no potential risks associated with using it. One major risk while using a third-party app (meaning it is not developed or endorsed by Instagram) is less security and more vulnerability to malware and hacking attempts. But developers have ensured that this APK is secure and users will not have any privacy concerns.

limit insta pro apkRestricted msg insta pro apk

No-ban risks

Instagram tends to ban users who use Instagram mods developed by a third party. But with this, you won’t have the tension of ban from Instagram. It has been developed by using no-ban programs, and thus, Instagram won’t block you, and you can enjoy extraordinary features.

Official badge of Instander

You guys may have seen the blue badge given by Instagram to the original accounts of celebrities and brands. On this APK, you can also get this official badge by donating something to the developers. It shows your support for the cause. Donate anything you and take a screenshot of the transaction. Then send this screenshot with your username to the email of the developers. Soon, your badge will be visible. This badge will be visible to this APK’s users only.

Broad content rang insta pro apkBroad content range insta pro apk

Broad content range

Instagram has a limited content range; you can only see content through photos, videos, and reels posted on it. It has also closed IGTV creating a more limited content range. But this APK provides you broad content range. It gives you access to IGTV and other photos and videos that are trending on social media. Through this feature, you will be able to get the latest news and trends in the market.

smartphonesmartphone 1

Swipe away

Everyone loves to swipe left and right. But you won’t get anywhere on Instagram by swiping left and right. But with it, you can shift from pages by swiping left or right. This is a friendly feature, and you can switch pages in seconds.

Same features

It also offers the features provided by Instagram. You can post photos and videos and share your content with others. Moreover, you can archive your stories and posts, resulting in hiding them from your Instagram feed. Like on Instagram, you can also share your stories with close friends. Moreover, you can zoom in on photos like Instagram. Furthermore, by double-tapping pictures and videos, you can like them instantly. But it also allows you to disable tapping features, unlike Instagram. 

Additionally, Instander apk, like Instagram, allows the discover people options. By syncing your contacts with it, you will be able to connect with your contacts.  However, there are multiple other features that this app offers, that Instagram is not. So, in my opinion, it is the most advanced and beneficial option for anyone.

What the Instagram MOD APK can be used for

FeaturesInstagramInstander APK
Photos and videos download🗷🗹
High-quality photos and videos upload🗷🗹
Disenabling read receipts🗷🗹
Hiding writing message status🗷🗹
Reading messages without others knowing🗷🗹
Hiding sponsored content🗷🗹
Restricted post sharing🗷🗹
Restricted message replies🗷🗹
Broad content range🗷🗹
Close friends list🗹🗹
Archive posts and stories🗹🗹
Sharing your content 🗹🗹
double-tapping feature🗹🗹
disable tapping features🗷🗹
discover people🗹🗹
seeing stories in full-screen🗷🗹
in-app browser🗹🗹
auto-following links🗷🗹
disabling auto-play videos🗷🗹
cropping your stories🗷🗹

Two types of Instander APK

There are two types of this APK. They are all created by the same developers and bid the same features. Here are the two APK versions:

  • Clone
  • Original

Both of them are completely the same. The only difference is that for the original  APK, you first have to uninstall your original Instagram app. While you can download a clone version without uninstalling the original Instagram and use both apps side by side.

Download links

Depending on your choice can download both the clone and the original version from the links above. Both provide features, and you can get a brand-new look on Instagram from these APKs. To download and easily install the APK, simply click the link above. You can get the best Instagram experience in just a few minutes by following this straightforward process.


In conclusion, Instander APK is a popular modification of the original Instagram app that offers many additional features and customization options. It can be a useful tool for content creators on Instagram and users who want to tailor their Instagram experience. Additionally, there are no possible risks connected to using it. Users can have an unlimited supply of features and can enjoy their Instagram world fully. So what are you thinking about!! Download it now.